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Nr 43. Amsterdam & friends

We have started to sail south in the Netherlands, so our voyage to the Mediterranean has officially started! And the weather in the Netherlands has changed towards sunny as well, so it’s happy sailing here!

First city after Stavoren was Volendam, we had a spot next to the famous replica ship ‘Halve Maen’. This Dutch VOC-ship is known for sailing to Manhattan island in 1609 with onboard the English Henry Hudson. Walking on ‘De Dijk’ in Volendam, we of course ate ‘kibbeling’ from one of the fish shops.

Then we sailed to Amsterdam Marina, the harbor where notorious restaurant ‘Loetje aan ‘t IJ’ is situated. They serve excellent steaks and our dear friends Edo and Angela came to the harbor and treated us for a great dinner at Loetje!

We are so happy to see so many dear familiar faces after 9 months sailing in Scandinavia and Great Britain. We meet with:

  • Friends/neighbors/acquaintances/fellow-sailors
  • Family
  • Business contacts

When we left Holland, we sold our cars and have rented a black mini-van (like from the TV-serie ‘A-team’!) to drive through Holland in these 6 weeks. So we meet people:

  • At our house
  • At their house/office
  • On our catamaran
  • In public spaces like restaurants

We didn’t take a picture at every social encounter :), but the pictures give a good impression of the nice meetings we have! We are only halfway sailing through the Netherlands and halfway through our time here, so we hope to meet a lot of people in the next (coastal) cities that we pass by with the catamaran!

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