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Nr 44. Sunny Scheveningen

After a great time in Amsterdam Marina, next to Loetje aan ‘t IJ, we sailed to Scheveningen. We were accompanied by 5 guests: Nicole and her family and 2 friends joined us on this 6 hour sail to Scheveningen.

It was a great sunny day, and we started sailing on the river IJ towards the sea lock of IJmuiden. It was quiet on the way: the season for pleasure yachts will start on the 1st of April, so now it’s still low season. The sea lock was easy to cross and then we had lunch on the boat when we were at open sea.

The wind became stronger, and came from the back of the boat, so we could hoist the Code-0.

We sailed along the coast of Holland, we saw Bloemendaal aan Zee, Zandvoort, Noordwijk and Katwijk . Most of these former fishing harbor now don’t have a great entrance anymore to the sea or are no longer ports, so Scheveningen is the next port you can enter as a pleasure yacht coming from Ijmuiden.

At 17.00h we came close to Scheveningen and it was an easy entry into the harbor. The quay was packed with people sitting on the terraces in front of the cafes and restaurants, it was a beautiful day in the Netherlands!

We had a BBQ on board, with hamburgers, salmon and satay and then we said goodbye to our guests.

Next day we cycled along the beach of Scheveningen, saw the famous Pier and had a nice lunch at fish restaurant Simonis located at the sea. It’s a pleasure to see how Scheveningen has developed into a fancy and lively place to recreate!

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