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149. Hvar

We had spent 3 wonderful days at the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park where we enjoyed nature. Now we wanted to return to the ‘habited’ world

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146. Mljet

After we left the 3 small islands of Elaphiti, we saw on the map the large island Mljet. On the internet, we saw that this

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145. Elaphiti Islands

We enjoyed Dubrovnik very much, also the harbor in Dubrovnik. We knew Dubrovnik is a well-known hub for sailors to come and go, from Greece

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143. Puglia

Now it was time to visit the last province in Italy, the beautiful Puglia. First, we prepared ourselves for a sail in South of Italy,

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142. South Italy

After a nice time in Sicily, we made the crossing back to the mainland of Italy. We took the nice harbor beneath volcano Etna as

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140. Sicily

For the last 5 weeks we have been sailing along the coast of Sicily and visiting the island. The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea

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