Nr 87. Amazing Algarve

We are pretty impressed by the atmosphere here in the Algarve: it’s relaxed, sunny, comfortable, golden beaches with cosy white restaurants and red cliffs in the background. Holiday feelings easily kicks in here! After Lagos and the estuary of Alvor, we sailed further eastwards along the coast of Algarve with our catamaran and visited these […]

Nr 86. First monohull sailing experience

When you are sailing, you meet locals and other sailors with whom you can have a wonderful time, because you have time and have an open mind towards new experiences. And especially with sailors you have so much in common: the love for water and travelling, the thirst for adventure and freedom, the positive attitude, […]

Nr 85. Lagos

Now that we got a bit ‘acclimatized’ in the Algarve after rounding Cape St. Vincent, we left Sagres. We sailed to the next town, Lagos. On the way, we passed the beautiful coastline with golden beaches and limestone cliffs. It’s a very popular area, we saw many boats visiting the beaches and the caves. So […]

Nr 84. Round Cape St. Vincent

When we returned from the Azores back in the harbor of Lissabon on our catamaran, we prepared for our next big event: rounding the Cape of Saint Vincent, the most southwesternmost point of mainland Europe! We did this long trip in 3 stages: 1. Lisbon – Setúbal On the southside of Lisbon, is the city of […]

Nr 83. The Azores

From Lisbon we went to the Azores. At the end of blog nr 81, you can read why we decided, quite spontaneously, to go there! It had to do with advice from other Dutch sailors :). The Azores are in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, but ‘only’ 1.300 km from Lisbon and 2.500 km […]

Nr 82. My 10 lessons learned after 1,5 years worldtrip sailing

On 1. November 2022, we have been travelling exactly for 1,5 years! On the 1. Mai 2021 we left the Netherlands to go on a worldtrip with our catamaran. It has been a great adventure so far and also one with lots of life lessons learned. On 1. May 2022, after I year of sailing […]

Nr 81. Sailing Lisbon

As a child, I could look for hours in the Atlas: the book with maps of all countries, seas and mountainranges all over the world. I would dream of visiting these exotic places and was always curious to find more about places with mysterious names like ‘Skagerrak’, ‘Kattegat’, The Artic circle or the Northcape. During […]

Nr 80. Cascais and National Parque Sintra

From the Berlenga islands, we sailed southeast to the coastline of Portugal, towards the direction of Lissabon. But before we visited Lissabon, we passed by Cascais. A charming village at a beautiful bay. We wanted to see that first and also visit the famous National Park of Sintra. The Bay of Cascais A place for […]

Nr 79. The Berlenga Archipelago

‘Let’s check where all our sailing friends are!’. I think once a week Gilles says this sentence. I know what it means: he’s going to check on Marine Traffic (a public website that show the exact position of sailingboats who have a ‘tracker’ on board, called an AIS = Automatic Identification System), where the boats […]

Nr 78. Aveiro: the Venice of Portugal

After a nice time in Porto, we started sailing further south down the West coast of Portugal. We had good wind and sunshine, so it was a great 6 hour sail along this coastline with many beaches and green hills. On the map we saw that this coastal area is part of the Reserva Natural […]