Nr 102. Mallorca – part 1

We have been in Mallorca for 3 weeks now and it is a great island to sail! Lot’s of beautiful sheltered bays and high mountains in the background. Let me take you back to the end of February, when we finished sailing Ibiza and were on the east side of the island, ready to sail […]

Nr 101. Training on catamaran in Mallorca

When we left Ibiza to sail to Mallorca end of February, I was mainly looking forward to 1 thing: the 4-day Train-the-Trainer from 6 to 9 March on the catamaran in Palma da Mallorca! This has been a dream of mine since 2017, when we started talking about making a world trip by catamaran. It […]

Nr 100. Your questions answered about our worldtrip

Since we started our worldtrip by catamaran, we get a lot of questions. About sailing, the lifestyle onboard, visiting countries, meeting other sailors, etc. Some questions are answered in our FAQ and some are answered in interviews. But especially for those who follow our adventures by reading our blogs and watching the video’s, I asked: […]

Nr 99. Ibiza

‘Wow, we’re going to Ibiza!’, this song (1999) by the Vengaboys, I was singing a lot during the days before we would leave the mainland of Spain to sail to Ibiza. Gilles joined in sometimes, but also went a bit crazy from the song, because it lingers in your head (so opening the link is/was […]

Nr 98. Costa Blanca

Now it was time to explore the Costa Blanca! It has beautiful beaches and cities like Alicante and Altea. This is the track we have sailed last weeks along the Spanish coast and I am highlighting 4 interesting places that we have visited. TorreviejaWhen we sailed to along the coastline to Torrevieja, we noticed that […]

Nr 97. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

If you are living and travelling with a sailboat, you know one thing for sure: there will be maintenance! The catamaran is our house and like a house, it needs maintenance as well. You sometimes can postpone maintenance for a house, but on a boat you can’t, because it’s a floating house and you don’t […]

Nr 96. Cartagena & Mar Menor

When we crossed the border from Portugal (the Algarve) to Spain (the Southcoast of Spain), it was the 19th of December 2022. The first Spanish region (in the Netherlands we would call it province) we entered was Andalusia. It’s the largest of the 17 regions that Spain has divided her country in: about 8 million […]

Nr 95. Almería & the plastic sea

After a great trip by car through the Sierra Nevada, watching the snowy mountains, we continued sailing along the Southeast coast of Spain: This part of Spain is interesting, there is the stunning backdrop of high mountains along the coastline, some with snow. And then the villages below have 320 days of sunshine each year. […]

Nr 94. Sierra Nevada

When we sailed along the coast from Málaga in easterly direction, we noticed that the mountains from Marbella, got bigger and bigger. We were looking from our ship at Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada. I had never been in the Sierra Nevada. To me Sierra Nevada has always been a mysterious area, the name (‘snowy mountain […]

Nr 93. Costa del Sol

After a great time at Gibraltar, it was time to round the bend and sail into the Mediterranean! When we did, we looked at the other side of the Rock. There we saw a large sunken ship with on deck 4 yellow cranes still standing above water level. It turned out to be a ship […]