Nr 70. San Sebastián to Bilbao

We sailed into Spain, Viva España, we hoisted the yellow-red flag! We have been sailing from San Sebastián to Bilbao, which is Spanish Basque Country. Here we enjoyed the good life: still the green hills of the Pyrenees in the background, eating pintxos, walking in the small streets of the old villages, watching people enjoying […]

Nr 69. Basque Country: 10 facts

We arrived in Hendaye, a nice city in the Southwest corner of France, close to the border of Spain. The first thing we noticed were the beautiful green hills of the Pyrenees Mountains, palm trees and the bright green water. And we also  noticed a poster that said: “You are not in Spain. You are […]

Nr 68. Sailing the Bay of Biscay

After a nice time in La Rochelle, we sailed to Port Medoc. Now we are in the last province of the West France coast: the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. But this part, from Port Medoc to Hendaye, is hard to sail. It goes along a large National Park with no possibility of entries or harbors, it’s a 24 […]

Nr 67. Fort Boyard & la Rochelle

After being on the wharf with the boat at Les Sables d’Olonne, we were keen to start sailing again! And we had a nice sail to la Rochelle, Ile-d’Aix, Fort Boyard and Ile d’Oléron! I’d like to highlight Fort Boyard and la Rochelle. Fort Boyard Because this Fort is known for it’s TV-series that we […]

Nr 66. Boat out of the water

Usually the following picture is not good news: a boat being hoisted out of the water….. But in this case, it’s a known necessity. Because every once a while the underwatership of a boat has get new antifouling (special paint to prevent a growth of algae under your boat). And a haul-out is always a […]

Nr 65. High in the Sky: Les Sables d’Olonne

After island hopping at the south coast of Bretagne, we came back to the mainland of France again. In Les Sables d’Olonne. We left Bretagne now: les Sables is a seaside resort and part of La Vendee. And les Sables is familiar terrain for us: on 20. June 2019 we picked up our catamaran in […]

Nr 64. Islands of South Bretagne

In June the weather has been great in Europe! Also in France, it is sunny and sailing along the south coast of Bretagne, we decided to go islandhopping to get the extra summer feeling! We explored 3 islands, and on those islands, each time we stayed there in a different way with our catamaran. L’île […]

Nr 63. Coast of Bretagne

‘The French really can’t sail’, Reinhold sighed, ‘look at them!’. The German points at a boat that makes a turn for the third time in the harbor of Roscoff to park their boat in a box. A harbor is sometimes just like a drive-in cinema: you ‘drive’ in with your own vehicle, park your boat […]

Nr 62. Saint-Malo and Le-Mont-Saint-Michel

We sailed south from Jersey to Saint-Malo, that’s at the coast of Bretagne. It’s also called Côte d’Émeraude, because of the green or emerald color of the water. It’s still so amazing to see this kind of color in the northern part of France, because it is still the North Sea. We were surprised by […]

Nr 61. Jersey

When we sailed out of the harbor of Cherbourg at 7.00h in the morning, ‘waved’ goodbye by a group of 15 dolphins that swam in front of the bow of the ship, we were excited to go to Jersey! The excitement had 2 sides: we heart so many good stories about Jersey by people that […]