“Whatever your goal is you will never succeed unless you let go of your fears and fly”


152. Split and Trogir

Our recent sailing trip along the Dalmatian coast, took us to the enchanting towns of Split and Trogir, two gems on the Adriatic Sea that each have their own unique charm and history.  This trip not only offered beautiful sailing weather, but also a rich experience full of historical discoveries and cultural treasures. For me […]

151. Island Vis and shipwreck snorkeling in Mojito Bay

The adventure of sailing in Croatia continues. After the vibrant and elegant island of Hvar, we decided to explore an island that was again completely different: the island of Vis. I was triggered to visit this island because it is one of the inhabited Dalmatian Islands furthest from the coast. And Vis was only opened […]

150. Speaker in the USA + Roadtrip

For the 5th time I was a speaker at the largest 4-day conference for trainers: the ATD International Conference & Expo, in the link you’ll find an aftermovie of the conference. The ATD (Association for Talent Development) hosts this event every year in May and about 10.000 learning professionals come to visit. Last year it […]

149. Hvar

We had spent 3 wonderful days at the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park where we enjoyed nature. Now we wanted to return to the ‘habited’ world again and we choose the island of Hvar to do so! Because this was again a complete different Croatian island from the islands we had seen so far. Hvar is […]

148. Korčula island and Lastovo Archipelago

After being in the Netherlands for 3 weeks in April, we continued our sailjourney in Croatia. We explored the island of Korčula and Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park. Police investigation When we arrived at the island of Korčula, we sailed into a nice bay at the east side of the island. While we checked online what […]

147. In Holland for 3 weeks

Every year, around April and October, we go back to the Netherlands to visit family and friends and I also give trainings. We then leave our boat behind in the country where we are at that moment. In this case, we were in Split and flew to Amsterdam. The occasion to come to the Netherlands […]

146. Mljet

After we left the 3 small islands of Elaphiti, we saw on the map the large island Mljet. On the internet, we saw that this island was praised for being a true nature jewel, about one third of the island has been declared a National Park. It is called the Greenest island of Croatia, wo […]

145. Elaphiti Islands

We enjoyed Dubrovnik very much, also the harbor in Dubrovnik. We knew Dubrovnik is a well-known hub for sailors to come and go, from Greece or from Italy, to here but we were surprised to see so many nationalities in the harbor! Only 1 hour sail away from Dubrovnik, in the Adriatic Sea, are the […]

144. Crossing to Croatia (Dubrovnik)

After 7  months of enjoying the great country of Italy, it was time to explore a different country: Croatia. When we were in harbor of Bari (Puglia) on the southeast side of Italy, we made plans to sail over the Adriatic Sea to Dubrovnik. It would be a 21 hour sail, so including 1 night […]

143. Puglia

Now it was time to visit the last province in Italy, the beautiful Puglia. First, we prepared ourselves for a sail in South of Italy, from Cariati which is in the province of Calabria, to the ‘heel’ of the Italian booth, to Puglia. This ‘crossing’ was 58 miles, which would take about 12 hours sailing. […]