“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”


146. Mljet

After we left the 3 small islands of Elaphiti, we saw on the map the large island Mljet. On the internet, we saw that this island was praised for being a true nature jewel, about one third of the island has been declared a National Park. It is called the Greenest island of Croatia, wo […]

145. Elaphiti Islands

We enjoyed Dubrovnik very much, also the harbor in Dubrovnik. We knew Dubrovnik is a well-known hub for sailors to come and go, from Greece or from Italy, to here but we were surprised to see so many nationalities in the harbor! Only 1 hour sail away from Dubrovnik, in the Adriatic Sea, are the […]

144. Crossing to Croatia (Dubrovnik)

After 7  months of enjoying the great country of Italy, it was time to explore a different country: Croatia. When we were in harbor of Bari (Puglia) on the southeast side of Italy, we made plans to sail over the Adriatic Sea to Dubrovnik. It would be a 21 hour sail, so including 1 night […]

143. Puglia

Now it was time to visit the last province in Italy, the beautiful Puglia. First, we prepared ourselves for a sail in South of Italy, from Cariati which is in the province of Calabria, to the ‘heel’ of the Italian booth, to Puglia. This ‘crossing’ was 58 miles, which would take about 12 hours sailing. […]

142. South Italy

After a nice time in Sicily, we made the crossing back to the mainland of Italy. We took the nice harbor beneath volcano Etna as our starting point: one more time we could look at the snow on top of the Etna and then start sailing again, away from the coast into open water: The […]

141. Sailing into a Crisis: Discovering Migrant Boats in Italy

Unfortunately. It had to happen at some point. When you sail along the coast of southern Italy. Then sooner or later it will happen. You come face to face with the migrant problem by sea. And that has now happened to us. I want to write about, it because it touched me deeply. I wanted […]

140. Sicily

For the last 5 weeks we have been sailing along the coast of Sicily and visiting the island. The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea is approximately 250 by 100 kilometers in size, so it is about half the size of the Netherlands. More than 5 million inhabitants live in Sicily, and the western part […]

Nr 139. The 10 musthaves on a worldtrip sailing

In the interview that Zeilwereld held with us in 2023, journalist Riemer Witteveen asked us the question: ‘Name something you really can’t miss on the boat!’. We answered, it was challenging to only mention 1 thing, but we did 😉. This question still stuck in my head later: what could I really not live without? […]

138. X-mas at Mount Etna

It was time to prepare the crossing through the Strait of Messina from Calabria to Sicily. We choose the smallest part in the Strait, in the north, which is 3 kilometers wide (maximum width is 8 km). It doesn’t sound very difficult, but it is a lot different than planning a trip along the coast, […]

137. Sailing 2023

Our year of sailing in 2023 in 4,5 minutes! We selected the most beautiful pictures of 2023 to show the must sees of the Mediterranean Sea Sea that we sailed, from Gibraltar to Sicily: – Jan/Feb: Spain (south east)– Feb/March: Ibiza & Mallorca– April: Spain (north east)– May/June/July: France (Cote d’Azur & Monaco)– August: Italy (north […]