Nr 11. Emma’s Bachelor Party on the catamaran

The joy of sailing is discovering new territories an meeting new people! These spontaneous encounters are so much fun, because you have time to chat and share experiences. Meeting Emma last week was extra special, because she was about to marry and had a Bachelor Party with her girlfriends in the harbour. We decided to […]

Nr 10. Midsommar Fest in Sweden

Welcome to the Midsommar Fest! When you make a worldtrip, you participate in every local festival of course ! And Midsommar is the most important holiday, after Christmas, in Sweden. In this blog we’ll explain all the rituals involved with this feast! Magical time This festivity originates from the time of the Vikings, when people thought […]

Nr 9. National Park Koster

In the last blog nr 8, we mentioned that we had arrived in the top of the Swedish westcoast, at Koster, a National Park. We were so impressed by the area and unique landscape, that we decided to stay here for 5 days to explore the National Park. This decision also had to do with […]

Nr 8. The Göteborg Archipel

Did you know about the Göteborg Archipelago? We didn’t, so when we read about it, to our surprise there were beautiful islands in front of the coast of Göteborg! The scenery is completely different from the 2 weeks we sailed in Denmark. In Denmark were rolling green hills with yellow flower fields, and in the […]

Nr 7. Sailing the Limfjord in Denmark

‘How do you plan your route while sailing?’ is a question we often get. ‘Based on the wind and the people’ is the answer. Because YOU don’t decide, NATURE decides for you. If you have strong winds coming from the west, the only way you can sail is to the North or to the South. […]

Nr 6. Invited to the Viking Dinnerclub on the island of Livø

During our sailtrips, we meet a lot of people! I noticed that there are 3 kinds of people we meet: Fellow sailors, you meet them in the harbour, or in the ‘Havnkontor’ in Denmark when you pay at the automat Locals who come to the boat to chitchat when they pass by, on their bikes […]

Nr. 5 Nothing is Rotten in the State of Denmark!

William Shakespeare wrote about Denmark in Hamlet, not very positive remarks were made about (the political situation in) Denmark, but nowadays, when it comes to sailing, the mentality of the Danish people and the beauty of Danish nature, make Denmark is an excellent place! Most harbours have great facilities like picknicktables, BBQ places, free wifi, […]

Nr 4. Sailing the German Wadden Islands (UNESCO World Hertitage)

On the 1. May 2021, we left our home port Stavoren after 2 years, and started our world trip! We want to spend the summer in the fjords in Norway, so in May and June we are visiting German and Denmark coastlines on our way to Norway. The first 2 weeks, we have visited 6 […]

Nr 3. We’re ready

On 1. May 2021 we started our world trip on water! This is what we did in de 2 weeks before, living up to the Big Moment. Learn how we said goodbye to our family and friends in the Netherlands before we set sail on 1. May! During April 2021 we did some last preparations […]

Nr 2. Preparing the great voyage

In the last 3 years we have prepared our dream: sailing the world! But where do you start: what is the perfect boat, what about maintenance and learning to sail the oceans? This is how we prepared! When we decided in 2018 we wanted to travel the world by boat, we started our research online. […]