“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”

Nr. 24 Enjoy 5 minute movie Sailing Scandinavia

We have been sailing for half a year now and it has already been one of the best choices we have ever made! We started sailing on the 1st of May, after preparing for years for Our Great Voyage: sailing around the world. We bought a new Lagoon42 in 2019 and spend 1,5 year getting to know the ship and inviting family, friends and clients to enjoy the boat and follow trainingsessions aboard!

Since our departure half a year ago, we have sailed these 4 countries till the 1st of November:

About 4.000 people follow our adventures on www.catamaranhorizon.com and regularly ask us questions which we answer and have collected in the FAQ with 10 questions and answers.

We talk about our sailing experiences and post pictures. Now we would like to share a compilation of the best video’s during 6 months of sailing, so enjoy this 5 minute video and sail with us through the Denmark Limford, in the Swedish Archipel and the Norwegian fjords!