“Whatever your goal is you will never succeed unless you let go of your fears and fly”


Nr 3. We’re ready

On 1. May 2021 we started our world trip on water! This is what we did in de 2 weeks before, living up to the Big Moment. Learn how we said goodbye to our family and friends in the Netherlands before we set sail on 1. May!

During April 2021 we did some last preparations on the boat, for instance reparing some gell cracks, installing a dish washer and installing a heating system. Also we bought spare parts to make sure that when something breaks down on the ship, we have a least the most important parts to do repairs.

In the last weekend of April, we have invited our friends and family over: each day 10 people on Friday, on Saturday and on Sunday. We spend a day on the ship together and on the water at the IJsselmeer. For lunch we dropped the anchor and made an lunchbuffet that everyone could enjoy inside or outside on the catamaran. And back in the harbour of Stavoren at the end of the day, we had a BBQ with drinks for everyone. It was so nice to say goodbye this way, because we could spend quality time together with our family and friends and they experienced a bit of the lifestyle we are going to have coming years living on board.

What we didn’t expect, is that they all bought so many presents for us! We were overwhelmed by all the gifts, much was typically Dutch food so we would not forget how the Dutch Stroopwaffles taste or the Gouda cheese, licorice, drinks, sweets, chocolates, cookies of Holland!

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