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Nr 46. Rotterdam: playing with the big boys

When we sailed into Rotterdam, from the North Sea, we were impressed how busy it was on the Maas from Hoek van Holland to our destination Veerhaven. This 2 hour sail was also great to see the skyline of Rotterdam.

We started from Scheveningen that morning, we had 15 knots of wind and with our Code-0 we were able to get 9 knots of speed out of the wind. Then we approached Hoek van Holland, on our marifoon we called ‘Maashaven Entrance’. We were instructed to wait for 2 containerships to pass by and then we could enter the river Maas.

In our preparation we saw that during our 2 hour sail on the river Maas, we would pass 6 sectors. And each sector has it’s on checkpoint with different Marifoon channel. For instance Rozenburg, Botlek, Eemhaven and Waalhaven have their own area of communication to guide all ships. So we made ourselves know at each sector and we were closely watched by the checkpoint in our movements and sometimes given directions. It is comforting to know that in this busy area, you are being monitored.

Then we came closer to the city center of Rotterdam, first we saw the Euromast and then the Erasmusbrug. That was a great moment for me, I came to Rotterdam to study Economics when I was 18 and now 30 years later I am back, sailing into this city that has given my so much pleasure and proud during my years of studying and working!

We sailed into the harbor of Veerhaven, which is in front of the Erasmusburg. It’s an historic harbor with some tallships and old wooden boats from 1930’s. We had a great spot at a jetty overviewing the city center with cafe Loos and all little restaurants at the waterfront.

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