“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”


Nr 47. Leaving Rotterdam

We enjoyed being in the city of Rotterdam so much! Especially in the Veerhaven with all the historical ships and the fact that you are in the middle of the city with all the restaurants and shops closeby. We have received many visitors on the boat, family, friends and business relations who wanted to see the ship in the short time that we are in the Netherlands. And we explored some new restaurants (Louise) and some old ones (De Stoep).

For me Rotterdam is a special place to be. Almost 30 years I came here to study Economics and Psychology at the Erasmus University. I like learning and personal development so much, that I decided to do the Postdoc Teachers Education. And now, 30 years later, I sail into Rotterdam, being owner of trainercompany Expert Trainers and begin a trainer and teacher myself. So this was a milestone for me, to be back in Rotterdam!

We have also received 3 groups here live onboard: Award Winners of Develhub, the Academy of Albert Schweitzer Hospital and 4 trainers of The Municipality of Rotterdam. All professionals working in the field of learning & development. So it was great to work a day on the boat with them, on different topics (group dynamics, leading a discussion, how to organize learning in your organization).

Now it is time to leave again, because we are sailing further south in the Netherlands, on our way to the Mediterranean. It feels a bit like that already, because of the beautiful weather last weeks in the Netherlands! Our next stop will be Stellendam which lays at the Haringvliet.

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