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Nr. 5 Nothing is Rotten in the State of Denmark!

William Shakespeare wrote about Denmark in Hamlet, not very positive remarks were made about (the political situation in) Denmark, but nowadays, when it comes to sailing, the mentality of the Danish people and the beauty of Danish nature, make Denmark is an excellent place! Most harbours have great facilities like picknicktables, BBQ places, free wifi, bakeries, fish restaurants. And much is based on trust: you pay the harbour fee at an automat where you have to fill in the length of your boat and that’s it. Danish are friendly and always ready to help. Even when you have no Danish Kronen (the national currency), you can pay with euro bills in restaurants.

After 2 weeks on the German Islands, we went further north up the Wadden Sea, and sailed along the west coast of Denmark. We visited Esbjerg, Hvide Sande, Ringkobing and Thyboron. During these 8 days, we had 2 guests aboard: Steffen and Fabian joined us during this part of the sailing trip! We met them in August 2020 when we sailed the Baltic Sea and it was on the island Rűgen where we  met these friendly father and son from the south of Germany. They wanted to learn more about sailing multihulls, so we kept in touch and now spend 8 days on the catamaran together. We had fun times sailing, enjoying BBQ’s, and exploring Danish harbours and cities. We also learned about ‘Marine farms’ which turned out to be big fishing nets in Danish waters!

When we said goodbye to Steffen and Fabian, we went further up the Limfjord, this inland lake has around 30 cities and we were absolute fans of the city of Struer, the island of Veno, but mostly of Ejerslev havn. This place was not in our harbourguide, and we ran into it unplanned. But the sunset in this port in red and orange with a mountain in the background was beautiful! And that’s also something we learned about sailing and being on a world trip: have a global plan, but not a day by day plan, the wind and talking to other sailors or locals will lead the way! In the first week of June, we keep sailing east in the Limfjord, visit Aalborg and then end up at the east coast of Danmark at the ‘Kattegat’. Next we will sail up north to cross the Skagerrak to the south coast of Norway. We talked to a female sailmaker in  Struer, and she advised us a special island in Norway, so hopefully we can write about that experience in our next blog!

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