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Nr 64. Islands of South Bretagne

In June the weather has been great in Europe! Also in France, it is sunny and sailing along the south coast of Bretagne, we decided to go islandhopping to get the extra summer feeling!

We explored 3 islands, and on those islands, each time we stayed there in a different way with our catamaran.

L’île de Groix

We sailed to Port Tudy, which is at the northside of L’île de Groix. That weekend, the French had holidays and because of the beautiful weather, a lot of sailors came to the island. No room in the harbor at the jetties. But we could use the mooring balls. That’s always a bit exciting, because our boat weighs 17.000 kilo and usually the mooring balls in this part of Europe are not fit for (heavy) catamarans. But the harbormaster ensured us that the place he had in mind for us was stable enough. We tied the front of the ship to a mooring ball and the rear end to another mooring ball. And more ships did, so it was very cosy in the harbor 😊. People were sitting on the deck of their ships till late in the evening, because of the great weather. In this video you see the catamaran mooring:


It’s the largest island of Bretagne. At Belle Île, Sarah Bernhardt (French-Dutch actress 1844-1923) had a villa and she enjoyed the rough nature of the island. Nice bays with the blue-green water and lovely small harbors. At harbor Le Palais, we were asked to tie our boat in the front to a mooring ball and at the back to the quay side. There is still about 3-5 meters tidal difference in this area of France, so you notice going up and down every 6 hours! In the video you see our ship mooring at the quay side. And while cycling around the island, we took our drone to make a video of the beautiful island:

L’Île d’Yeu

This island is much smaller than Belle Île, 35 km to cycle around the island. So we did. And we anchored at the east side of the island at a bay. It’s about 8 meters deep there, perfect for anchoring. The island has lots of forests and again small harbors with many colored houses. We made a video of the beautiful anchor spot at l’Île de Yeu:

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